Lots of people have a fear of dentists because they are afraid of the pain of tooth removal. This was back in the day where the anaesthetic wasn't so good and dentists were not as gentle as they are now. At Shuang Dentistry, our dentists have a lot of experience looking after anxious or dentalphobic patients. Our caring and patient attitude will put you at ease. Feel confident that you are having the best level of care!

We promise to remove your broken down teeth with skill and a minimum of discomfort. Our dentists take pain relief very seriously so Painless Dentistry is what we practice and it usually means no pain when we numb you up! Sometimes, teeth will break because they are very decayed when you come in to see us. 


We advise that you remove your wisdom teeth, before they become a problem. Typically, wisdom teeth get "impacted" - this means that instead of growing straight with the adjacent teeth, they hit the tooth in front and become stuck or they get lost in some other direction. This can create a food trap and many people find that the constant food inside the gum causes pain. Sometimes, the food stays in there for so long that the tooth in front becomes decayed as well! After we take out your wisdom tooth, you will need a filling on the tooth in front.

Usually for lower wisdom teeth, we need to do a small surgery to open up your gum so that we can reach your tooth. In most cases, the tooth also needs to be divided into smaller pieces. Don't worry, throughout the whole procedure, you will feel no pain at all as the dentist will fully numb you up before we begin. If there is a surgery, it is usually Medisave claimable. 

It is important to find a dentist in Yishun with a lot of experience with wisdom teeth. Sometimes, when they are close to the nerve, an inexperienced dentist may injure your nerve causing you to have permanent nerve damage. All of our dentists here at Shuang Dentistry are CPF Medisave registered and routinely remove difficult wisdom teeth. If we find that it is too close to your nerve or too difficult we will refer you to our professional network of specialists who will be able to look after you.