It is very common to have an unplanned dental emergency at an inconvenient time. During this time, it is common for our patients to be stressed out and want to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. However, sometimes this can lead to bad decisions and we can often regret our choices later on. Our philosophy is that our dentists will give you a fair and objective assessment of what is happening. This way you can be better informed and make the right choice for your long term oral health

If you ever experience a broken tooth, toothache or Dental Abscess, Trauma, Sudden Facial pain or earache, loosened crowns, sore gums or a wobbly tooth, rest assured that we are able to help. We are comfortable with resolving all these issues for you and we will endeavour to accurately diagnose and explain the issue, as well as provide palliative treatment on the spot. A lot of the times, we will need a radiograph (more commonly known as an X-ray) to find out what is wrong.

Please give us a call anytime during the day, or on our after hours number as our friendly staff are always willing to find a time to see you as soon as possible. We will get you back on your feet, with minimum fuss so you can enjoy the rest of your day