If you have shaky teeth, bad breath or sensitive gums, you might have a gum problem. There can be mild or more severe forms of the disease.

When bacteria are allowed to stay trapped between your teeth and your gum, it causes our body to respond by swelling up, otherwise known as inflammation. Over a long period time this chronic (long term) inflammation can cause a whole host of problems like breaking down your bone, causing your teeth to slowly become looser and looser. 

Gum problems happen slowly and over a long period of time (5-10years). The issue is that once it becomes painful, it is usually too late to do anything and even your dentist may have no choice but to remove your loose tooth.

We advise that you ask your dentist whether you have any gum problems, especially if you have bleeding or pain when you brush your teeth. At Shuang Dentistry, our dentists will always check your gums as part of our normal, routine examinations - one of the small ways we help to keep your oral health as best as it can be.

The good news is, that if we can catch the problem early, our dentists can clean deep underneath your gum to remove the bacteria and teach you how to keep it clean yourself at home. In most cases, we can successfully keep your gum problem from getting worse