A ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is a somewhat more complicated procedure for heavily broken down teeth. This is for situations when your tooth is so broken down that a straightforward filling wont help. It is quite common to hear that there is swelling or an abscess around the tooth or there has been a lot of discomfort over the past few days which is affecting your sleep - say more than 5 or 6/10 pain. Everyone thinks that root canal treatment is both painful and expensive! Read on below to hear why it actually saves you money and time in the long run

With a root canal treatment, we will numb you up completely. You usually won't feel a thing! We will remove the damaged and infected nerve that is causing the pain. In the majority of cases, you will immediately feel better once the anaesthetic wears off. After this, we will place medicine into your tooth and leave you with a temporary filling

During the second portion of the treatment, we further clean the inside of the tooth out with our irrigants and our instruments. If everything feels good after this appointment, things are going well! Most people are painfree after the first stage.

The last portion of treatment is to fill it up with a rubber, or as we like to call it, a Gutta Percha (GP) filling for the roots. Now, since the nerve is gone, the tooth becomes very brittle and susceptible