When a tooth is too broken down to save, implants are a great option to replace that tooth - to allow you to continue to use the tooth functionally. Of course when this happens to a front tooth, implants can be placed to allow you to smile with confidence. 

In Dentistry, an implant is a medical grade titanium post that is placed into your bone - a very common procedure in the medical field (think knee or joint replacements). This allows us to REPLACE your missing tooth and we can then build a tooth on top. We only use implants from the leading brands available worldwide such as Nobel Biocare or Straumann. so wherever you are in the world, you can rest assured that the dentist is able to recognise and restore your implant if something happens to it.

Most of the time, we will require a 3D scan which we use to check your bone. We use the latest 3D planning software to plan your implant, ensuring that it is a safe, efficient and painless process. If you don't have enough bone, it is usually possible to place some bone graft to support the implant - We use Geistlich bone graft materials to ensure predictability. Sometimes, we might even use a fully guided surgical procedure to make sure that your implant is placed in exactly the right place.

This whole procedure can all be done at our Yishun dental clinic as we have fully equipped the surgery rooms to be sterile enough to perform surgery - giving you the convenience of high quality care, right at your doorstep.