PREVENTATIVE CARE is really important for everyone - from young children to the elderly. Basically, it allows us to stop problems from getting worse and avoid possibly painful consequences BEFORE they can happen.

We use a combination of high concentration fluoride varnish and fissure sealants for little kids (or adults!) who are having trouble keeping their teeth clean. The fluoride keeps the teeth healthy and strong by helping the tooth to remineralise (or repair), while fissure sealants fill in the deep pits and spaces on the tooth surface to avoid bacteria from getting stuck inside them. Over a long period of time, this can lead to tooth decay if not removed.

FILLINGS OR TOOTH RESTORATIONS are required when bacteria eat the sugar stuck around your teeth, they produce acid which break down the minerals in your teeth causing decay which inevitably leads to a hole in your tooth! When this happens, you can get pain, sensitivity or bits of your tooth breaking off. This is when a "filling" is needed to clean your tooth and patch up the hole.

At Shuang Dentistry, most of our fillings are white (Composite Resin). We don't use the silver fillings anymore as some people are concerned about the negative health effects of the mercury used inside. More importantly, silver fillings are just as moisture sensitive as white fillings - in fact, if not done properly, silver fillings can corrode and crack your teeth over time as they expand. Our newer white fillings can be done quickly and in a lot of cases, our doctors are all trained to invisibly blend the filling into your tooth so no one will know. 

Sometimes, when we need to rebuild your tooth and we are looking for a strong, long lasting restoration, porcelain or even a gold filling can be custom-made for your tooth.

At the end of the day, we are interested in using the newest materials with the best long term research to give your tooth the highest chance of survival. We don't compromise your oral health by using sub-standard or cheap materials